Xavier Grané Bonet was born in Barcelona in 1973.

His initiation into the industrial world came at a young age and in those years he received training in different aspects of metalworking and carpentry.

While developing his professional career in the industry he always found time to work on his own artistic projects on the side. As the positive feedback he received on his works grew, he decided to dedicate himself to developing his own projects further. His passion for art and getting a job done right led him to enrich his creative potential by studying at ACVIC centre d’arts contemporànies (Centre for Contemporary Arts) and the Escola d'Art i Oficis (Arts and Crafts School) in Vic, Catalonia. During his academic career he divided his time between working on his own artistic projects and taking on jobs for different architectural and interior design firms as a way to further develop his skills and knowledge in his field.

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